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4pm - 2am

 “Upstate natives Geoff Cannada and David Raghib started Radio Room nearly seven years ago with the idea of creating an intimate dive bar setting for local and regional bands to play in a judgement free, relaxed environment. Their mission is edifying the local music scene in Greenville on a micro level. When Radio Room started, the goal was combining great customer service with an atmosphere where local bands and music fans could see other like-minded regional bands they might not otherwise encounter in Greenville. The idea was that they would perhaps grow with one another, creating networking opportunities and a support system. 

Radio Room slowly built from “a hidden gem” to being dubbed “Greenville's favorite rock'n'roll dive bar!” It’s the kind of place where people come as they are. You don’t get a weird look if you go in a polo shirt and sandals, any more than if you came in sporting a trench coat and Mohawk. Radio Room is not for everyone; but it has found a small and effective niche. The bar is always in the market for new regulars, who love music and dive bars; those people who don’t always find what they want downtown or in the suburbs. 

In 2017, after six years of being in there North Pleasantburg location, the Radio Room moved to a new and bigger location at 110 Poinsett Hwy. With the addition of new owner Wes Gilliam, the Radio Room is looking forward doing what they do best,  just on a bigger and broader scale.

There are about 15-20 shows a month ranging from punk rock to comedy, from hardcore to folk. Even when there isn’t a show, the Monday night trvivia, Tuesday night karaoke (or Radioke), happy hour and service industry specials as well a pretty busy pool table will keep you entertained."  

"More importantly, the thing they have always had is live music at least four or five nights a week and as an eclectic lineup, you will find anywhere. You are as likely to find a quiet, folky, singer/songwriter on the marquee as you are to find a face-melting hardcore punk or metal band. Most of the featured acts are regional and nationally touring artists grinding out life on the road from one dive to the next, making their performances all the more honest and satisfying night after night.” - USA Today

“Booking everything from folk to metal, complete with comedy nights and audience-inclusive BDSM boudoir shows, Radio Room is the edgiest venue South Carolina has to offer. Even nights that don’t have shows will often have music-themed events, as well as a kitchen with a decent menu. All the real ones have been to Radio Room.” -

Venue of the Year: 2017
”Wes Gilliam, David Raghib, and Geoffrey Cannada are not going to give up until the Radio Room is Greenville’s equivalent of Columbia’s New Brookland Tavern or Charleston’s Pour House. In other words, they’re going to keep bringing in adventurous national bands and supporting the local scene in their new location. The work they did this past year, both in terms of their relocation and their booking, has been fantastic.” - Greenville Journal


Please send us the easiest way to hear your music, we encourage links, not physical media.
Weekends typically book 2-3 months in advance, so please take than into consideration! 

Priority on weekend dates usually goes to acts with a strong market history.

For events, room rentals (Non-band booking) etc please email us at :



Tech Specs

Stage Size: 18' x 14' x2

Board: Behringer X-32 Board

Mains: 2 JBL SRX 835’s

Subs: 2 JBL PRX818 Subs

Monitors: 6 available, Alto and EV Mix

Monitor Mixes: 5 Available

Lighting: 2 Rows of LED lighting

(Par 38 and Par 64’s)

Vocal Mics: Sennheiser E835’s and Shure SM58’s

Guitar Mics: 3 Sennheiser e609’s

Direct Boxes: 6 available




Q: Do you have food?

A: Yes, we have a menu on here as well as a specials board we update every week

Q:Are shows all ages?

A:All shows are all ages until our kitchen closes (10:30 on weekdays, 11pm on Fri/Sat), then we revert to 18+. However, if we know it's going to be a younger audience, we try to keep the kitchen open as long as possible to accomodate. 

Q:What size is your room?

A:We're a larger room that holds over 200 people

Q:Do you have seating for shows?

A:We have limited seating around the perimeter (about 20 seats), except for those, shows are standing room only unless otherwise indicated.

Q:How do I book at the Radio Room?

A:We have a contact form on here. We don't accept physical media, so links to your music is best. Also a sentence about yourself so we know if you're local or just trying to break into the market. Weekends typically go to larger acts who have played the market before.

Q: Can you help us find locals for our show? 

A: Generally, yes. From time to time we become immensely busy, but we do have a pretty decent list of locals that we try to keep up to date and can send you as well.



110 Poinsett HWY Greenville, SC. 29609 Phone- (864) 609-4441